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  1. Sales conditions
  2. Order treatment
  3. Prices
  4. Payment
  5. Transport, delivery and return
  6. Taxes, custom duties
  7. Data collected at the order point
  8. Guaranties
  9. Litigations

Before purchasing any products, the buyer agree that he has read all the conditions in this contract, and accept them without reserve.

All purchase from the Birma Lanna Collection Co., Ltd website are subject to the following conditions:

Sales conditions

Offers are valid only while present on the website
Offers are valid for all online purchase without geographical limitations except when mentionned otherwise.

Birma Lanna Collection makes all possible efforts to deliver products and services to your entire satisfaction.

Order treatment

We will usually process your order and start manufacturing the products within 2 business days after the reception of your order.

Your order are proceed within the shortest delays by our customer service department.

After reception of your order, its delivery usually takes between 20 and 90 days depending on manufacturing time. Many products may be shipped earlier if available in inventory.

Delivery will vary depending on holidays, availability of the products, chosen dispatch mode, destination, period of the year, improbable forwarding problems.

We will take the customer informed on the shipping style of his order.

Transports delays are also possible and Birma Lanna Collection shall not be held responsible for the transporter’s delay in any ways..

Should the article no longer be available or outdated models , Birma lanna Collection will offer you a choice of substitute products of similar or superior price or quality. In these cases, the customer will be informed within 2 business days by electronic mail, by phone or by fax. In this case, the customer can cancel or modify the order.


The price applicable to your order is the price listed on the website on the day that your order is received.

Prices are listed in Euros but can be available in other currencies on demand. Prices do no include any tax, import tax, custom tax or other taxes.

Prices can be modified without notice.

The seller maintains complete and exclusive property of the products until the full payment of them

The shipping charges are included in our prices for France and surroundings countries, without added taxes. In other areas, please contact us.


Your order will be processed strickly after reception of payment of 50% of the total order price. The remaining payment of 50% of the total order price must be received before shipment of the order. Payment as to be paid by transfer on Birma Lanna Collection account or by MONEY BOOKERS SYSTEM (contact us)

Transport, delivery and return

After the products leave the country in which the seller is located, the customer assumes complete responsability and assumes all the risks..

In case of theft or missing merchandise, the customer should send an RCLA (recommended letter with the specific chief of accusations) within 3 days following the reception of the goods.

In case of non-conformity of the product, Birma Lanna Collection engages itself to the refund of the customer in the best delays.

In no case Birma Lanna Collection should not be held responsible for any delays related to independent events that Birma Lanna Collection has utterly no contract, such as the transporter (the storage of products to the faith of the transporter) strikes, and stoppage of public transportation means, administrative decisions or any other extreme cases (natural or human made) which could make the delivery impossible.

Please email us details of your return in advance to receive a return materials authorization (RMA) document. Due to the complexities of importing goods back into Thailand,

as evidenced by a valid RMA document.

Taxes, customs duties

Please contact your local customs office for further information before placing the order. Customers are responsible for additional charges of customs clearance or import duties. We can not control over these charges because customs policies are vary widely from country to country. So duties and taxes outside Thailand will be at customer’s expenses.

Data collected at the order point

To process your order, we will need the following informations:

Your company name
Name - Surname
Address of delivery
E-mail address
Telephone and fax number

The information we collect is used for internal review to improve the content of our web site, to notify consumers about updates to our web site, and to contact consumers for special offers and other marketing purposes. Information is not shared with other organizations for commercial purposes. Your personal informations, including your e-mail adress, remain confidential. Birma Lanna Collection will make every possible efforts to preserve your confidential information.


In all e-mail sent from Birma Lanna Collection will be clearly stated the nature of the e-mail and any commercial propositions in the “object box"
In case of non-conformity of the product, Birma Lanna Collection engages itself to refund the customer in the best delays. (see no.5 for return process)

In case of merchandise defects, the buyer has 7 days from delivery, to inform the the seller. We will refund 100 % including 2 ways shipment costs if the product defect is the responsibility of Birma Lanna Collection and this responsibility proved.

Product guaranties:
We do everything in our power in order to provide our products and services to be to your full satisfaction.

Birma Lanna Collection sells selected hand-crafted, home-made, and otherwise "not from a big factory" articles. Please note that each piece of our products is totally handmade original, so color, size, weight and pattern may slightly be different from the online catalog. No two pieces are exactly the same. And individual piece is painstakingly made to look much as possible. Hence it is high value. However, to maintain the constant qualification, every product is made with high standard process actually, that's part of the beauty of our products!

For all of our furniture products a too dry atmosphere and over-heat may result in provoking some shrinkage and even some light damages too on the panels. In contrary, a too humid, atmosphere risks diluting the wood until the breaking of the pegs.

Litigations (applicable right – competent jurisdiction)

The language that is used in the present contract is English. In the case in which the customer is not resident in Thailand, the relative litigations to the commercial relations with Birma Lanna Collection will be put under the exclusive competence of the Thai juridiction laws. The above dispositions do not deprive the over-sea customers to be subjected to the international conventions and be under their jurisdiction.

In case of litigations, our customer service department will do anything possibly to resolve the litigation and find the best satisfying solution such as (but no limited).
All small litigations between the concerned parties, the validity, interpretation, execution or realization of the contract will be definitively decided by the Chiangmai Court.