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- Pewter fairies -

These wonderful fairies are made of pewter (97%) and silver (3%). The silver gives them a shiny look. Their wings are made of colored resin. They are created by a belgian artist living in Thailand. They are manufactured by Thai craftmen and women. Some small differences may appear in colors and sizes. The shipping is included in the prices for France metropolitan and surrounding countries. For another destination (contact-us). The time of delivery will be confirmed by mail. Click on a picture to see it bigger.

Fée SAV 037

Fée AVA 006

Fée SAV 036

Fée SAV 029

Fée FAV 045

Fée AVA 203

Fée FAV 002

Fée FAV 049

Fée FAV 050

Fée AVA 201

Fée SAV 024

Fée SAV 012

Fée FAV 046

Fée SAV 035

Fée AVA 113

Fée FAV 001

Fée SAV 015

Fée AVA 008

Fée SAV 010

Fée SAV 030

Fée FAV 010

Fée AVA 007