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- Jewelry necklaces -

Each natural stone jewel is created by a young Thai artist. Each one is an original piece and cannot look like exactly the same. Do not hesitate to email us for a different choice of color or stones. The excellent quality of the used rhodium comes from Japan.The shipping is included in the prices for France metropolitan and surrounding countries. For another destination, please (contact-us). The time of delivery will be confirmed by mail. Clik on a picture to see it bigger.

BXC 138

BXC 142


BXC 024

BXC 073

BXC 071


BXC 097w

BXC 130doré-vert

BXC 003g

BXC 030p

BXC 075

BXC 077

BXC 148br

BXC 166p

BXC 175

BXC 130p

BXC 016w

BXC viet01

BXC 027

BXC 076w

BXC 097r

BXC 001

BXC 012

BXC 171

BXC 147

BXC 032v

BXC 112

BXC 044

BXC 135b

BXC 029gr

BXC 021yw

BXC 134

BXC 137a

BXC 081b

BXC 080p

BXC 076

BXC 130t

BXC 028v

BXC 016g

BXC 023

BXC 130bl

BXC 022

BXC 010

BXC 010t

BXC 122

BXC 032y

BXC 098b

BXC 015v

BXC 091y

BXC 120gr

BXC 023p

BXC 005

BXC 111

BXC 171tu