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After being in Thailand for 10 years, we have created an Export Company named Birma Lanna Collection Co, Ltd. Our company wishes to share with you our exciting experience about Thai handicraft products.

Birma Lanna Collection will provide you many beautifull handicraft products from the different areas of Thailand. Birma Lanna Collection Co, Ltd. will select for you the best and the most original products available.

We pay attention to quality, design, price and selection.

Thai culture has a long history of artistry and creativity. It has never been a "machine" culture, or an "engineering" culture. We aren't working to make it one. We appreciate products that are a natural outgrowth of Thai cultural heritage - and we find our customers do, too. The items you find in our on-line store are individual. Each has its own personality or character. We offer you "Special Collections", which are pre-selected assortments of our best-selling items in a particular category. Choosing a special collection is a great way to introduce you and your customers to a particular kind of Thai product, or just to get a "quick start" with products that "sell-through"

Birma Lanna Collection Co, Ltd. provides you different series in several styles of articles:
  • jewels
  • handbags
  • paper and textile bags
  • interior decoration
  • garden decoration
  • furniture
Maybe you're already stocking Thai products that you don't see in our Collections or our Catalog? Contact us directly with your specification for wholesale quantities of Thai or Southeast Asian products. Many items can be "made to order", or customized with your logo or slogan! Minimum value for special orders is 1000 €.

Contact us via email with your requirements at: collection@birmalanna.org